Toptracer Coach

The latest innovation from the #1 Range Technology in Golf, Toptracer Coach helps teaching pros better connect with their players (both in-person and virtually), grow their lesson business, and drive people back to their facility.

The Future of Coaching is Now

Toptracer Coach is a web-enabled platform that works on any internet-connected device. It leverages data from Toptracer Range games to provide a level of performance data unmatched in the industry. Pair this with the expertise of a golf coach and you’ve got the most in-depth, data-rich teaching experience in golf.

Benchmark Assessments

Get a quick, objective view of students’ current skillset and performance.

Engaging Assignments

Set fun to-dos that students can complete at a Toptracer Range-enabled facility in between lessons.

Increased Visibility

Track students’ progress online, in real-time. Make the right decisions based on knowledge consolidated in one place.

Optimized Experience

Analyze the results of students’ practice sessions and develop effective lesson plans—all based on objective data.

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